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At Rogeles Taxes & Accounting, we are dedicated to provide quality service you can count on..

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My name is Ricardo Londono Rogeles

At ROGELES TAXES & ACCOUNTING we believe in the value of relationships. We view every client relationship like a partnership, and truly believe that our success is a result of your success. We are committed to providing close, personal attention to our clients. We take pride in giving you the assurance that the personal assistance you receive comes from years of advanced training, technical experience and financial acumen.

We provide a variety of services including: Income Tax Preparation for all types of businesses and individuals, IRS and State Audit Representation, Payroll Reporting, QuickBooks® setup, support and training, Business startup services, Monthly bookkeeping, Financial statements – making sure your financial records are timely and accurate.

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Our Services

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Tax Preparation

Rogeles Accounting can assist with your personal and your business tax matters, in a responsive and accurate manner.


Accounting Services

Rogeles Accounting has volumes of experience working through Accounting issues.



Rogeles Accounting offers comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting services to guarantee your business operates at maximum potential.

Scheduling your Appt.

We are open year round for all your accounting and tax needs. Our regular hours are Mon-Thurs from 9:30am-4:30pm except from noon-1pm for lunch.

IN February, March and April we expand our hours from 8:30am -5:30pm except from noon-1pm for lunch. We’re also open on Saturdays. Please call us to schedule Saturday appointments, or any other appointment outside of our regular hours

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How can I check on my tax refunds?
Tax Related Web-sites/phone numbers: IRS IRS Get Refund Status IRS Inquiry Phone: (800) 829-1040

Required documents to keep on file:

  • Copies of Drivers License or State IDs

  • Social Security Cards

  • Proof of Residence for dependents claiming EIC

Income documents:

  • Income from jobs: forms W-2 for you and your spouse

  • Investment income—various forms 1099 (-INT, -DIV, -B, etc.), K-1s, stock option information

  • Income from state and local income tax refunds and/or unemployment: forms 1099-G

  • Taxable alimony received

  • Business or farming income—profit/loss statement, capital equipment information

  • If you use your home for business—home size, office size, home expenses, office expenses

  • IRA/pension distributions—forms 1099-R, 8606

  • Rental property income/expense—profit/Loss statement, rental property suspended loss information

  • Social Security benefits—forms SSA-1099

  • Income from sales of property—original cost and cost of improvements, escrow closing statement, cancelled debt information (form 1099-C)

  • Prior year installment sale information—forms 6252, principal and Interest collected during the year, SSN and address of payer

  • Other miscellaneous income—jury duty, gambling winnings, Medical Savings Account (MSA), scholarships, etc.

Other tax documents:

Other tax documents:

  • IRA contributions

  • Energy credits

  • Student loan interest

  • Medical Savings Account (MSA) contributions

  • Self-employed health insurance payments

  • Keogh, SEP, SIMPLE and other self-employed pension plans

  • Alimony paid that is tax deductible

  • Educator expenses

  • State and local income taxes paid

  • Real estate taxes paid

  • Personal property taxes—vehicle license fee based on value

  • Estimated tax payment made during the year, prior year refund applied to current year, and any amount paid with an extension to file.

  • Direct deposit information—routing and account numbers

  • Foreign bank account information—location, name of bank, account number, peak value of account during the year

Tax deduction documents:

  • Child care costs—provider’s name, address, tax id, and amount paid

  • Education costs—forms 1098-T, education expenses

  • Adoption costs—SSN of child, legal, medical, and transportation costs

  • Home mortgage interest and points you paid—Forms 1098

  • Investment interest expense

  • Charitable donations—cash amounts and value of donated property, miles driven, and out-of-pocket expenses

  • Casualty and theft losses—amount of damage, insurance reimbursements

  • Medical and dental expenses


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Rogeles Taxes Accounting Services


At Rogeles Taxes & Accounting, we are dedicated to provide quality service you can count on..

Track Your Refund

Check the status of your income tax refund for 2022, 2021, and 2020. If you e-file, allow 36 hours

for your information to appear and 3 weeks to get your refund. If you mail your return, it will take longer.

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Contact Us

We would love to answer any questions or schedule a meeting. 

Please feel free to call us at one of our offices on the left or send us an email using the form below.

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2 old Turnpike,

Pleasantville, NJ 08232


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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 8:00 pm


9:00 am – 7:00 pm


9:00 am – 9:00 pm

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At Rogeles Taxes & Accounting, we are dedicated to provide quality service you can count on..

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